Not everyone can afford luxury, but those who can afford luxury and are willing to spend on experiences don’t fall back on it. Some people travel in economy class all their lives, whereas some haven’t seen anything less than first class or business class, and some even travel on a few of the most expensive flights in the world.
In a world where we have the world’s shortest flights exist, there are some luxury flights as well.

Not many people are aware of the fact that there are luxurious flights that you can take, which are also some of the most expensive flights in the world, dripping with luxury all over and offering amenities that you cannot imagine.

So if you have a fortune to spend on an experience, then maybe you should try flying on some of the most expensive flights in the world. Let’s check out what the expensive flights have to offer and which one suits you best.

1. Singapore Airlines Suites: New York To Singapore

Singapore Airlines Suite Class introduced its better-than-first suite class in the year 2007, which offers a gourmet dining experience to its passengers. You will have your private cabins; the best part is that the seats can convert into a comfortable bed.
You get a lounge where you can dine on a 3-course dinner. There are spacious ornate bathrooms, comfy and luxurious pajamas, and some high-end coffee, which are some of the amenities that are provided.

Your room can also transform into a bedroom with a full-size bed, which is very comfortable. If there are any layovers, you will spend your time in an exclusive lounge or onboard meals with food specially prepared for you. Sounds dreamy, right?

Your suit will include a dining table a 23-inch LCD entertainment system, and the wine list is absolutely exquisite.

Hop on to this flight and explore some of the best places to visit in Singapore.

2. Qantas First Class- Los Angeles To Melbourne

This Qantas First Class from Los Angeles to Melbourne provides its passengers with leather seats and a cosy open fireplace.
Once you board, you are welcomed with a fully reclining touch-controlled pad with some mattresses of sheepskin, which is proof enough to understand the level of comfort and luxury you can expect from this flight.

There is an entertainment system that is fully operated on a touchscreen, with a wide selection of champagne and wine available at your service. Besides that, savour your taste buds with popular chef Neil Perry’s selection of La Carte dishes, which is one of the prime attractions of this flight.

At the airports of Sydney and Melbourne, you will be greeted at the time of the curb and will be taken through the dedicated First check-in area, which will be at least one hour prior to the flight departure time.

No wonder it is one of the most expensive flights in the world

3. Japan Airlines- Los Angeles To Tokyo

Leather upholstery with partitioned nooks and reclining mattresses is what defines Japan Airlines flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo. 

There will be no shortage of entertainment, for you can watch whatever you want on a 23-inch flat-screen TV. You don’t have to worry about storage, for there is plenty of it in the private concealed storage spaces. 

The gourmet menu provides Western dishes and Japanese Sushi plates featuring la carte dishes. You can choose your favourite wine from the expansive wine list on board the flight, including a high-end array of sake rice wines. 

4. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class- New York To Singapore

The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class offers a sleek and private trip through the skies, which works as a cocoon for passengers onboard the flight, making it comfortable as well as one of the most expensive flights in the world.
Dim Lights during the entire flight make the aircraft very cosy with a serene environment. The seats are quite wide, approximately 22 inches, but completely reclined with just a button, turning it into a 6-foot bed.

You can have an individual pod, which will be quite secluded and will feature private entertainment screens for you to watch your favourite TV show or a movie throughout the flight.

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5. Swiss Air First Class- New York To Singapore

Swiss Air First Class refers to this class as “Your Home Above the Clouds”, and why wouldn’t it be after all, you won’t find more comfort in a flight.
The passengers onboard the Swiss Air First Class will get top-notch facilities, and they get priority in boarding, allowing them to reach the aircraft directly without any waiting line or any chaos.

The baggage has quick handling and higher limits, triple miles for passengers, and free pajamas so you can get out of your jeans and stay comfy throughout the flight.

The gourmet menu has one of the finest wines, so you can enjoy the view while also enjoying wine; it doesn’t get any better than this, trust me.

6. Cathay Pacific First Class- Hong Kong To New York

Cathay Pacific First Class from Hong Kong to New York is another one of the most expensive flights in the world, providing world-class amenities on board the flight.
It provides a unique three-row orientation, allowing cabin setup with more room for guests to relax and enjoy their flight while they lie down and enjoy their personal flat screen, watching their favourite movies or TV Shows.

Enjoy Caviar and wine for breakfast, which are the most frequent breakfast items here.

7. Korean Air- New York To Beijing

Another name on the list of most expensive flights in the world is Korean Air from New York to Beijing with seats that have 100% reclining abilities with touchpad controls.
There is a thick partition that separates passengers in a timber-panelled nook. The food here is drool-worthy and has also won the Mercury Award for in-flight food, which is reason enough to understand the taste that will leave a lasting impression on your tongue.

The oriental dishes and a fine selection of wine make it stand out amongst other expensive flights while providing an experience of a lifetime. You may get a glimpse of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

The most expensive flight tickets in the world for a round trip cost $27000, and prices may vary.

8. First Class Emirates- Los Angeles To Dubai

First Class Emirates Flight is probably the best-known first-class ride. These expensive flights include A380, A340-500s, and 777s. All these flights have partitioned private suites, mattress beds, and vanity tables. Besides, you can also enjoy on-flight spa facilities to take your love for the spa up a notch; how cool is that? Relax and unwind on a flight and change the concept of being tired after a long flight. Enjoy minibars, and make the most of your journey.

9. Lufthansa- New York To Hong Kong

Lufthansa from New York to Hong Kong is another flight that offers facilities that are beyond imagination. It is a German carrier offering personal assistants, air humidifiers and some of the most luxurious toiletry kits that will blow your mind.
It also offers a Michelin-starred culinary menu that will savour your taste buds and a five-star Skytrax rating.

Their seat is standalone with a bed setup, and it is as comfortable as it can be on board on an intercontinental flight.

Other perks included are preferential boarding, plenty of storage, limousine service, and hangers for keeping your garments.

How can we forget the Caviar course meal from the kitchen of a top chef, all compiling to earn the 5-star first class award?

10. Etihad Airways Residence- New York To Abu Dhabi

Here comes the world’s most expensive flight, Etihad Airways from New York to Abu Dhabi, The Residence, dubbed as a three-room “Penthouse in the sky.”
Yes, it is very expensive, but worth every penny if you have that much amount of money, including 125 sq ft cabin and limousine transfers.

It offers luxuries similar to a five-star hotel, where the passengers can enjoy a private VIP concierge, who has a private check-in and more facilities.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your butler, who will assist you with everything you need during your flight.

Your Chef will make whatever you desire from the gourmet menu or off the menu as well. It is going to be the only cabin in the sky with three rooms, with a dining table, and chilled drinks cabinet.

There is a 32-inch flat-screen TV ensuring that you have whatever you desire. The cabins also have a personal en-suite bathroom with luxurious amenities, including showers and luxury robes, making you feel like a king.

Most Expensive flight tickets in the world: The Residence is the most expensive flight in the world, and the most expensive flight tickets in the world cost a total of $64000.

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