You might have been to beaches many times, and must have been awed by their beauty and pristine waters. You might have also been to many beaches at night for parties or just to hang around. But have you ever been to beaches that glow in the dark? Well, to take your beach experience to the next level, here we bring to you some extraordinary beaches that actually glow in the dark.

Betalbatim Beach, Goa

Goa is renowned for its beautiful beaches, but Betalbatim stands out with its unique glow after dark. Located just south of Margao, this beach lights up, thanks to bioluminescent plankton that illuminates the waves in an ethereal blue hue. The best time to visit is post-monsoon between September to November when the plankton levels peak. Wading through the glowing waters and watching the foam glow around you is a magical experience. With its secluded location, Betalbatim Beach offers a more intimate glow viewing experience compared to the popular beaches in North Goa. 

Timings: The best time to visit is in the evenings, from 5 to 8 PM, during peak plankton seasons from September to November. 

Location: Betalbatim Beach is located just south of Margao City in South Goa. 

Things to do: Enjoy the magical glow while taking an evening stroll on the beach, swim in the glowing waters, or go kayaking at night

Nearby dining: Cafe Bhunglow, Martin’s Corner, and The Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant serve fresh seafood with views of the beach. 

Nearby stays: Martin’s Corner Resort, The Leela Goa, Cidade de Goa boutique hotel are all close to Betalbatim Beach.

Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Chennai

Not many know that India’s fourth largest city Chennai is home to a glowing beach as well. Thiruvanmiyur Beach, located just south of the city, comes alive with a blue glow caused by phytoplankton every evening. Take an early evening or night stroll along the shore and you’ll be treated to the mesmerizing sight of waves and foam glowing all around you. The best time to experience the natural light show is during the monsoon months of October-December. With its proximity to the city, Thiruvanmiyur Beach is perfect for a quick glow-in-the-dark beach escape from the hustle of Chennai.

Timings: Evenings from 6-9 PM are best during the monsoon months of October-December.

Location: Situated at the end of Gandhi Mandapam Road in the Thiruvanmiyur area of Chennai.  

Things to do: Evening beach stroll, swimming, and bring your kids for a magical glow experience. 

Dining: Amethyst restaurant, Copper Chimney restaurant, and Sea Face restaurant near the beach.

Hotels: The Park Chennai, Hilton Chennai, Sheraton Grand Chennai Towers Hotel nearby with beach views.

Bioluminescent Beach, Karnataka 

The bioluminescent beach near Mangaluru is a natural wonder where tiny plankton light up the water in brilliant blues and greens with every wave and footstep. Walk along the shore in the dark and watch as the foam and water glow around you – it’s like being on another planet! Don’t miss the peak glowing season from August to October.

Timings: Best between 8-11 PM from August to October  

Location: Near Mangaluru city in Karnataka

Things to do: Walk along the shore and kayak in the glowing waters

Dining: Malpe Beach Resort, SwaSwara restaurant

Stays: Malpe Beach Resort, The Gateway Hotel Malpe Beach

 Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Islands

Famous for its pristine white sand and crystal clear waters, Radhanagar beach takes on an otherworldly glow after sunset thanks to bioluminescent plankton. Swim or kayak through the illuminated waves for a magical experience you won’t soon forget. Make sure to visit between July and March for the best chances of seeing the glow. 

Timings: Early evenings and nights from July to March

Location: Little Andaman Island, Andaman & Nicobar

Things to do: Swimming and kayaking for glowing underwater views

Dining: Blue Sea Restaurant, Bamboo Hut Restaurant

Stays: Radhanagar Beach Resort, Jungle Beach Resort

 Minicoy Beach, Lakshadweep

This remote beach in Lakshadweep will light up your inner child with its glowing blue waves. The phosphorescence caused by dinoflagellates creates a mesmerizing underwater light show that’s best enjoyed by snorkeling or swimming here after dark. It’s a sight you have to see to believe!

Timings: Early evenings year-round 

Location: Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep

Things to do: Snorkeling for a magical underwater glow show

Dining: No restaurants; carry packed meals

Stays: Basic government accommodation is available

 Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra  

With its long stretch of powdery sand and gentle waters, Tarkarli is already a scenic beach destination. But after sundown, its beauty is amplified by the bioluminescent microorganisms that illuminate the crashing waves in an ethereal blue glow. Come during monsoon season for the best light show.

Timings: Post-monsoon from September to November

Location: Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra

Things to do: Beach walks and swimming in glowing waves

Dining: Sea Shell Restaurant, Dolphin Restaurant

Stays: Beach Resort Tarkarli, Hotel Sai Residency

Velas Beach, Maharashtra

Located near the popular beach town of Ratnagiri, Velas surprises visitors with its magical blue glow caused by Noctiluca scintillans algae. Swim or float in the glowing waters and watch as your movements leave illuminated trails – it’s like swimming in a galaxy! Visit from July to September for your best chance of a light show.

Timings: July to September

Location: Near Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Things to do: Swimming and floating in the glowing waters

Dining: Varsheshwar Beach Resort, Ratnagiri Retreat

Stays: Varsheshwar Beach Resort, Ratnagiri Retreat