With the rapidly increasing number of backpackers and explorers looking for relaxing getaways in north India, the popularity of Kasol – a picturesque village in Kullu, stretched along river Parvati – has seen a sudden surge in the past five years. It’s on everybody’s checklist and the place hasn’t disappointed any of those who planned a Kasol trip based on feedback from friends; family and serious travel bloggers.

The serene little village is 42 km away from the Bhuntar airport offering a treat for the mind and the soul. It is on the way as you tread towards Manikaran, a holy place for Sikhs best known for its hot water springs. There are abundant treks and mini hikes that take you to tremendously beautiful villages. Not all of them are clustered with luxury stays and world cuisine restaurants, but you’ll be surprised with the warm hospitality of the villagers and locals in the Old and the New Kasol, separated by a small bridge. Peruse the article and then plan your Kasol trip accordingly.

Here’s a quick lowdown on places to explore, cafes to please the belly, and best experiences to indulge in, a complete first timer’s guide to Kasol.

About Kasol

Kasol is known for its picturesque landscapes and interesting culture. This place always finds itself in traveler’s list, especially those who are looking for peace as well as adventure. The villages and beautiful sights of Parvati Valley will make your Kasol trip blissful so much so that would never want to leave this place, as it will take you closer to nature. There’s so much to absorb in the valleys of Kasol that you can’t get enough.

Best Time To Visit Kasol

Though Kasol is a year-round destination, the best time to go to Kasol is during the summer months of May and June. However, people also love to visit the destination during the winter months of November to February.

2 Best Places To Visit In Kasol

Kasol is a small place that can be easily covered on foot. This Kasol travel guide brings to you the list of places that you should visit when in Kasol.

1. Chalal – Explore The Villages And Treks Around Kasol

There is no dearth of scenic spots in Kasol, which means you’ll definitely come back with a lot of DPs and cover pictures. Your Kasol trip itinerary must include treks and treads to journey some amazing places near Kasol; such as Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parvati trek, and Kheer Ganga trek. You might need to travel small distances in a jeep or a cab to reach the starting place. If a tough climb is not your style, take a walk to Chalal, which is just 30 minutes away from Kasol.

For a feel of the rural life in these regions, visit Malana or Tosh. An isolated village 21 km from Kasol, Malana is still untouched by the modern lifestyle. One of the oldest democracies of the world, Malana people claim that they are descendants of Alexander’s army, but the claim is highly debatable. Their descent, however, isn’t what makes this place so popular. It’s the Malana cream – premium hashish which is popular among Israelis, Europeans and Indian youth visiting Kasol. Rules of Malana residents are strict with respect to outsiders, but the village and its beauty are a sight to behold. Rocky terrains with pleasing greenery and rural homes are both charming and peaceful

2. Tosh – Enjoy Stunning Viewsd

Another gorgeous village is Tosh, 18 km from Kasol. The road leading to Tosh is in a bad condition, so hiring a local cab is the best idea for those traveling by their own car. The ride might be bumpy, but for mountain lovers, it is the ultimate place to be at. Just tire yourself a bit more by going uphill to find a decent place to stay in. Some of the common cafes in Kasol that you can choose for fine dining are Pink Floyd Café, Shiva Mountain, Jackie Place Hotel Blue Diamond, Ashwin’s, Olive Garden, Mountain Goat Café and others. From here you can head to a small trek to Kulta glacier – not very beautiful a scene, but worth an easy trek for sure.

The village however offers an unforgettable experience for those who love to unwind in the lap of nature; what’s better than a lazy evening spent gazing at the majestic Himalayas. Apart from its panaromic views and enchanting surroundings, Tosh has a lot of exhilarating activities for adventure lovers, one can explore a plethora of things to do in Tosh. Do not miss the spectacular sunset and sunrise here as you must definitely keep Tosh as a priority in your Kasol itinerary.