Sri Lanka lies, like a jewel between the Gulf of Munnar and the Bay of Bengal, just off the tip of southern India.

It’s separated from India by the Palk Straight, which gets to just 54.8 Km wide.

It would seem to be possible to cross to Sri Lanka to India by boat, but this just isn’t a common tourist route.

Most tourists fly into Sri Lanka’s main airport, near Colombo City, the capital.

Sri Lanka have their own airline. SriLankan, we like them a lot and have flown from London to Sri Lanka with them often.

If you’re heading to Sri Lanka from Asia, Air Asia have taken us there from KL.

Sri Lanka is fairly close to Maldives and you could easily split your holiday between these two destinations, we’ve done it, it was great.

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We hope you enjoy your time in Sri Lanka. We cover the following:

  • Costs of travelling in Sri Lanka.
  • Ideas on where to go in Sri Lanka, beaches and cultural destinations.
  • Activities in Sri Lanka and where to find them. There is snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and wildlife safaris, we’ll tell you where.
  • What are the big, must-see attractions and how to get to them.
  • What to expect of accommodation in Sri Lanka, from luxury to budget and finding the best deals.
  • Practicalities of getting around the island by public transport or private vehicle. Update, as of July 2018, you can now book train and bus tickets for Sri Lanka online using our favourite, 12GoAsia. This is great news!
  • Should you book hotels, or wing it if you are backpacking around the island?
  • What food to expect in Sri Lanka, from street food to boutique hotels
  • Best time of year to visit, and which coast, south, east, north, west.
  • Vaccinations and staying well in Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lanka with and for kids and families.
  • Independent travel and booking tours in Sri Lanka.
  • Suggested itineraries and how much time you need to see Sri Lanka (in production!)